Getting Started

This page will help you get started with Rakam. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Rakam is an analytics platform that allows you to create your analytics services.

Features / Goals

Rakam is a modular analytics platform that gives you a set of features to create your own analytics service.

Typical workflow of using Rakam:

All these features come with a single box, you just need to specify which modules you want to use using a configuration file (config.properties) and Rakam will do the rest for you.
We also provide cloud deployment tools for scaling your Rakam cluster easily.

If your event data-set can fit in a single server, we recommend using Postgresql backend. Rakam will collect all your events in row-oriented format in a Postgresql node. All the features provided by Rakam are supported in Postgresql deployment type.

However Rakam is designed to be highly scalable in order to provide a solution for high work-loads. You can configure Rakam to send events to a distributed commit-log such as Apache Kafka or Amazon Kinesis in serialized Apache Avro format and process data in PrestoDB workers and store them in a distributed filesystem in a columnar format.